Construction update at Parkview Development in Burnaby, British Columbia

Development Updates

On this page you'll find updates about the ongoing development of the new apartment tower and townhomes at the Parkview Towers site. Updates are posted as we have them, so check back regularly for the latest. 

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December Project Update 2020 - 2

1. Location: Tower 1 - Stairwell P2 to L18 

  • Work Task: Scanning, coring and pipe install in existing stairwell for Sprinkler work. Loud noise associated with coring and pipe install. 
  • Work sequence and associated dates: a) Scanning - Completed; b) Coring - January 6 to January 11, 2021 3) Pipe Install - TBD closer to date 

2. Location: Landscape work at McMurray and Hazel Ave

  • Work Task: Miscellaneous landscape work. Graham Construction's fencing will be installed and will take over a portion of the existing loading zone on McMurray Ave
  • Start Date: January 4, 2021