Construction update at Parkview Development in Burnaby, British Columbia

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On this page you'll find updates about the ongoing development of the new apartment tower and townhomes at the Parkview Towers site. Updates are posted as we have them, so check back regularly for the latest. 

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December Project Update - 2019

Here is the latest update:

  • Traffic flow in the parkade to change the morning of Friday December 20th. Graham will put up signs closing off outdoor visitor parking and entrance gate at Tower B. Tenants will have access to parkade through McMurray gate only.
  • Demolition of the outdoor visitor parking for the Townhouses has begun. Temporary fence has gone up but will be replaced with 8’ chainlink in the new year.
  • Townline's crane next door was dismantled but will be coming down again and a new crane will go up as there is an issue with the current one. We don’t have any further information on the neighbouring project at this time.
  • Construction will be shut down December 25, 26 and January 1st. Some work will be taking place during the remaining days between the 26th and the 1st but it won’t be as busy as it usually is.
  • Concrete work will be taking place December 20th. The next slab pour will be Friday, January 3rd.
  • Reshoring of parkade and above grade slabs ongoing.
  • Crane deliveries are ongoing.
  • Road closures on Hazel Street intermittently for concrete slab pours; a road closure permit is on file with the City.


The impact to you:

  • Tenant access to parkade limited to McMurray entrance gate starting the morning of December 20, 2019. Graham will provide a traffic control person to help with the flow of traffic for the first couple of hours to make sure it’s working.
  • Noise associated with the demo and anchor drilling at the townhouse area will continue through into January.
  • Noise associated with hand tools, concrete vibrators, concrete trucks and pumps ongoing, which will cause increases in noise levels. Monitoring of sound continues to ensure decibel levels set by the City of Burnaby are not exceeded. You will be informed in advance of any work that will go into Noise Variance hours as per City By-laws.
  • Truck traffic on Hazel Street ongoing as concrete pours will continue; traffic control measures are in place.
  • Sidewalk along Hazel Street will be closed while concrete pours are taking place, and as required throughout the duration of the project.