Construction update at Parkview Development in Burnaby, British Columbia

Development Updates

On this page you'll find updates about the ongoing development of the new apartment tower and townhomes at the Parkview Towers site. Updates are posted as we have them, so check back regularly for the latest. 

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April Project Update - 1

Here's the latest update:

  • Detailed excavation and concrete pouring of the strip footings is ongoing. Excavated material will continue to be hauled out by dump trucks parked along Hazel.
  • Drilling will be completed April 17, 2019 and the drill rig is scheduled to be removed shortly afterwards.
  • Crane has been erected.
  • Excavator will be removed in May 2019. Exact date TBD and Graham will send out notice in advance.

The impact to you:

  • Noise from drilling will stop. Other work will start, which will cause increases in noise levels. Monitoring of sound continues to ensure decibel levels set by the City of Burnaby are not exceeded.
  • Increased truck traffic due to haul out and concrete pours will continue; traffic control measures are in place.
  • Sidewalk along Hazel Street will be closed while excavation is taking place, and as required throughout the duration of the project.