February Project Update 2021

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Here's the latest:

Fire alarm panel upgrade – February 8-22

  1. Mircom will start test at the top of each tower and work down. Firewatch will be set up by Graham for the duration of this work.
  2. Device verification in common areas of both towers – Feb 11 to Feb 19, 2021
  3. Confirm device audio at each level – 1 day per Tower. Can be scheduled after device verification in common areas are complete. Date to be confirmed by Mircom.
  4. Test in-suite heat detectors (Will affect tenants). Approximately 3 minutes per suite to test the detectors. Will start from the top of the tower and work down. Allow 2 days for both towers – Feb 22 to Feb 23, 2021

Note: The fire alarm will be offline throughout the duration of this upgrade, so Firewatch will be required 24 hrs/day (Feb 8 to Feb 22).

Temporary water shutdown for Tower B

  • The City main connection valve needs to be replaced and will take a full day to complete (8 hours). Firewatch is required for this scope – Feb 22, 2021



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