November Project Update – 1

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Here's the latest on what's happening:

  • Existing parkade demolition is expected to be complete first week of December. Excavation to follow finishing in the new year (February 2019).
  • One more day of asphalt paving will take place in the parkade. Date of this work is unknown at this time.
  • Parkade clean out taking place over the next week.
  • Demolished material is being hauled out by dump trucks parked along Hazel Street.
  • Hoarding along front walkway is being constructed.

The impact to you:

  • Dust will be present, a fire hose will be used to keep dust down on the ground level.
  • Noisier work continues. Monitoring of sound continues to ensure decibel levels set by the City of Burnaby are not exceeded.
  • Truck traffic will be increasing, traffic control measures are in place.
  • Sidewalk along Hazel Street will be closed while demolished material is loaded into dump trucks and will be reopened after hours.


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